Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things I Love About Sarah Francis

I love how you smell, even when you're stinky.
I love how you reach up for me when I come to you.
I love how you watch your brother, who adores you.
I love how you giggle wildly when daddy tickles you.
I love how you squirm when you see me after I get home from work.
 I love how you babble back at me when I talk to you.
I love how happy you are when I carry you in the ergo or wrap.
I love how satisfied you are after you nurse.
I love how soft your skin is.
I love that your eyes are still blue like your daddy's.
I love how happy you are.
I love you, Sarah Francis.


Amy Jo:) said...

Oh Beth, she is just gorgeous! I LOVE this picture and I LOVE her outfit! What a beautiful girl!!!

Janna said...

Mmm. I feel the same way about my daughter! It's so great to be a mommy!

Stephanie said...

What a sweet tribute to your beautiful daughter!

Aren't ERGOs the best? I wear mine almost daily. :)