Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Almost There

    The last week or so I have been preparing myself to jump in to my blog feet first. I have been orgnaizing my thoughts.... making notes...... studying other blogs..... and doing quite a bit of self reflection. Oh, yeah... I've also been plotting on how I'm going to hijack my childhood pictures from my mom's house. She has been begged by my sister for over two years about sharing the pics so that we can scan them. I've only been asking for a few months, but I am not as patient as my sweet sister. My mom seems to have an issue about the memories attached to them. I can understand that. My paranoid mind wants to back them up in case of some horrible natural event.
     One thing to understand about me is that I am a self admitted "paranoid, worst case senario" expert. If you want to look at it in a glass half full way- I like to be prepared. for anything. even if it's bigfoot.
     And it's not like I am not close to my mom. I am. She's my best friend. I see her everyday, and we talk on the phone several times a day, so getting the pics should be easy, right? not so. I am planning a mission to retrive them, one book at a time. My cover might be blown though, If she ever reads this. Maybe blogging about secrets isn't the smartest tactic.

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Amy Jo:) said...

I have an idea. Ask Adam to watch the kids for a day. I know giving them up for a day might not be easy, but take your scanner and hook it up over there if your Mom does not have one. And take up camp. Scan scan away. My Dad had to do that at my grandma's house...she was so worried she either 1. would not get the photos back or 2. would not get them back organized as they my dad did it where she could check in on him if she wanted. I definitely need to do this at my folks house too. Keep us posted on how this goes, maybe I will get the motivation:) Oh - and yes, that smoke and shoot shop WILL happen someday:)