Thursday, March 25, 2010

Would you like a cup of Karma?

     What's with some people?
     A friend of my mom's, who I will vouch for as a good/caring person, was attacked by a neighbor's dog. She was in her front yard and her dog got out. She ran after her dog and just then a neighbor was walking by with her four (yes four) german shephards. My mom's friend reached out her hand to grab her own dog who was near the shephards. When she did this the other dogs got aggressive and one attacked her. It bit through her hand and severed a tendon or two. The other woman was angry and yelled at her for upsetting her dogs. My mom's friend ran inside and had her husband take her to the hospital.
     Now the other woman who owns the german shephards has filed a lawsuit against my mom's friend alleging that her poor sweet innocent german shephards were attacked by her golden retreiver. WHAT??? I just don't understand some people.
     Sometimes I think Karma takes too long. Like when you're ready to leave a restaurant and you can't get your waiter to bring your check. Or like when you are at the DMV and you feel like you have been there so long that you might get smallpox because time has not just slowed, but is now going backwards.
    Then I remind my self that maybe that person is already drinking that cup of Karma. Maybe they are lonely or have circumstances that have led them to be so angry and unkind. That's when I decide that maybe I should feel bad for that person. And of course, be grateful for my friends and family, oh yeah, and my general happiness.  :)

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Amy Jo:) said...

Wow! That is a really good lesson and something I should think about more often. I usually just get aggravated or impatient...probably should wonder what is going on for the people on the other side of the counter, etc!!!

And - your poor Mom's friend! That is absolutely terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!